About The Project

The everyday use of digital technologies is creating vast reservoirs of data. This data has huge but largely untapped, potential. It could be used to transform public services, promote sustainability and enhance quality of life.

Corporate capacity to understand data has become so central to competitive advantage that ‘big data’ has been termed ‘the ‘new oil’ that will fuel our economy in the coming decades’, but it is useless if we don’t have the skills and creativity to turn it into insight and action.

This is a project led by the University of Exeter (UK), Universidad de Lleida (Spain), and Pamukkale Universitesi (Turkey).

It is funded by the ERASMUS + programme, in the “Strategic partnerships in the fields of School Education” funding sub-programme.

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Erasmus +

Erasmus + is the European programme in the areas of education, training, youth and sport for 2014-2020. Erasmus + is the unique programme which aims at promoting labour perspectives and personal development, as well as at helping our education, training and youth systems promote training which will empower people with the skills needed for the current and future working market and society as a whole. In the UK for School Education the national agency co-ordinately managing of the Erasmus+ Programme is the British Council.

One of our project outcomes is ‘The State of the Art Reviews’ which is a general report in the teaching of DA describing innovative and effective practices relating to the teaching of data analytics in school age education. We reviewed relevant research articles, and summarised innovative ways of the teaching of Data analytics in school. We also summarised what teaching opportunities are provided in Spain, Turkey and UK.

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